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It’s been quite some time since our own site got the attention it deserved, so we’ve decided to build a new website for CRLDesigns.  We’ve been so busy working on other projects we neglected to work on our own home.  With experience in Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, HTML, PHP, CSS and more; I still prefer to come back to WordPress for the starting point.  It’s easy to work with, typically doesn’t break when you update it and has loads of plugins and addons to get just about everything you need done.  Completing several new WordPress projects over the last year or so, I’ve gotten very streamlined in setting up new hosting accounts, installing WordPress and getting things up and running quickly.  It’s become my favorite medium for web developing.  I’m sure things may change in the future as technology evolves, but for now I’ll stick with it.  The original website for CRLDesigns was built on WordPress many years ago, so it feels like coming home again.

We’ve also been hard at work updating our Portfolio Page!  We don’t have everything added to it quite yet, but that should be corrected very soon.  CRLDesigns would like to showcase some of the projects that have been taking up some of our time, as well as thank those that have asked us to be involved in their website experience.  It is always an extreme pleasure when a project comes together and you see it online after all of the hard work everyone put in.  Sometimes it is hard to focus on your own projects, when you are busy putting the effort into new projects and other works; but in the end it’s always a good idea to your main showcase in good working order so customers can see what you are capable of.  Thank you for being a part of the journey.

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