Hosting Services from CRLDesigns

Hosting Services from CRLDesigns

Did you know that CRLDesigns also provides Hosting Services.  That’s right we have our own VPS system that we monitor and update daily so you don’t have to.  We host a wide range of sites and platforms and provide access to multiple services including the abilities to change your specific PHP requirements and much more.  There are quite a few companies that provide servers for a wide range of costs, VPS servers provide the flexibility you need to manage your accounts how you see fit; while dedicated servers provide the full package but with added costs, since you are the only account on that server.  Most all of them come with the standard options enabled, but it will take some time to work through the settings in WHM and get everything configured the way you’d like it or need it.  But since we upgraded away from the standard cheap hosting account, we have not had near the amount of trouble.  It was well worth the additional cost.  If you are confused by the choices between the hosting services you find, let us help you and simplify things.

There are many variables that you can now maintain with a VPS solution, such as individual account creation.  It’s better to have each account on your system separated for security purposes but for other reasons as well.  We have multiple versions of PHP enabled on our system.  This is required for different clients to make sure things continue to run smoothly.  This also enables us to tweak individual PHP requirements per account as needed.  The ability to temporarily suspend accounts for exceeding limits or lack of payment or a security breach is also helpful.  Dedicated IP addresses, SSL certificates are just a few of the other added benefits.  Be sure to check out our other services and please contact us with any questions.

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